When a Death Occurs

We understand that the first steps to be taken when a death occurs are often the hardest for people to make. There are many scenarios you may face when a death occurs, and we aim to help you though the first steps of losing a loved one.

First Steps

The first essential step to take immediately after someone dies is contact a doctor to certify the cause of death and issue a certificate stating the cause of death. You will need to be issued with a death certificate in each case before you can start with your funeral plans.

When someone dies at home

When a death occurs at home, contact the deceased’s GP. They will visit and confirm that the patient has passed away and issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You should then contact us to take the deceased into our care.

When someone dies at a nursing home

When a death occurs at a nursing home, staff will arrange for a doctor to visit. Once they have confirmed the death – you should advise the matron or duty nurse to contact us to conduct the removal of your loved one to our care.

When someone dies in hospital

When a death occurs in hospital, the doctor attending the deceased will normally issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. The Hospital Administrator will advise you where and when the certificate will be made available for collection. You will need to speak to the Patients’ Affairs Office – they will issue various documents that will assist with funeral plans.

Get in touch

You should call us as early as possible, once the doctor has issued the death certificate to bring the deceased into our care. Please remember you can call us at any time before this point, if you want some extra support or guidance.